What Are the Limits of Medigap? Insights from a Medicare Supplement Agency in Highland, Indiana

Medicare Supplement insurance (also called Medigap) provides health and financial security to many older individuals in the US, and some younger individuals with disabilities. But while Medigap is a major asset that helps individuals manage healthcare costs that are not covered by Original Medicare, it’s important to be aware of its limitations. Knowing these limits will help you make more informed decisions about your healthcare.

Are you interested in learning about some areas where Medigap does not offer any coverage? This Medicare Supplement agency in Highland, Indiana is going to explain below.

What does Medigap not cover?

Even though Medigap helps you absorb additional healthcare costs that Original Medicare does not and reduces your financial burden, it does not cover everything. As such, it’s important to know what these specific services and items are so that you can plan accordingly. Here are some of the main costs that Medigap does not cover:

  • Long-term care: If you need to stay in a nursing home for a long time because a chronic illness or disability has left you unable to meet your medical and non-medical needs, Medigap will not cover these costs.
  • Vision and dental care: If you need to get a check-up at the dentist or an eye test, Medigap will not pay for these services.
  • Hearing aids and eyeglasses: If you have trouble hearing and need a hearing aid, you must pay for this yourself, as Medigap plans do not cover hearing aids. Similarly, if you need to correct your vision and you need eyeglasses, Medigap will not cover this expense.
  • Private-duty nursing: If you want to hire a private nurse for care at home to help with bathing, dressing, housework, or other “custodial” care, Medigap will not cover these costs.

One thing to note here is that, if you need prescription drugs, your Medicare supplement agency in Highland, Indiana may recommend enrolling in Part D coverage. (Medicare drug coverage). Since Medigap plans sold after 2005 do not include prescription drug coverage, adding this voluntary outpatient prescription drug benefit helps ensure comprehensive coverage.

Should you buy Medigap despite its limitations?

If you are considering a Medigap plan, it’s important to be aware of what they do not cover. At the same time, it is equally important to recognize how Medigap can help you with your healthcare expenses. Here are reasons why Medigap is still important despite its limitations:

Financial security: Medigap pays for out-of-pocket costs associated with Original Medicare, like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. As most Supplement Medicare agencies in Highland, Indiana have seen first-hand, this can save you a lot of money in times of need.

Peace of mind: Knowing that Medigap will pay for much of your healthcare costs can make you and your family feel more financially secure.

Flexibility: If you have a Medigap plan, you can visit any doctor or hospital in the US that accepts Medicare. This gives you much greater flexibility and control over your healthcare decisions.

So, while Medigap does not cover every healthcare need — such as long-term care, vision, dental, and hearing aids — its benefits in covering the costs that Original Medicare does not are undeniable. In other words, buying a Medigap plan can be a smart way to manage your healthcare costs. It protects you from unexpected medical bills and gives you peace of mind knowing you have comprehensive coverage.

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