What Happens If You Don’t Have Health Insurance? Insights from Supplemental Health Insurance Provider in Chesterton, Indiana

Health insurance in the United States is costly. On top of that, long-term care costs for seniors are rising steadily. If you are ever faced with an unfortunate medical incident, it can be physically, mentally, and financially draining. Prescription drugs, nursing care costs, dental care, and vision care can also add to your expenses. Some of these costs may be covered by basic insurance plans, but there are limitations — that’s where supplemental health insurance comes into play.

Supplemental health insurance plans are designed to cover healthcare costs that your regular health insurance plan does not cover. However, to enroll in a supplemental health insurance plan, you must first have a regular health insurance plan. You might be wondering: what happens if you don’t have health insurance? What are the risks? This supplemental health insurance provider in Chesterton, Indiana is going to explain below.

The Risks of Being Uninsured

Today, it is challenging to grow old in the United States, primarily due to increasing healthcare costs. If you remain uninsured as a senior, you may encounter steep healthcare expenses.

In case of hospitalization, you might be charged full price. Under these situations, you might find yourself drowned in hefty medical bills. When faced with financial concerns, unfortunately, some people start to ignore their health needs.

As any supplemental health insurance provider in Chesterton, Indiana knows, failing to put your health first only leads to greater issues down the road. Numerous studies suggest that many uninsured adults go without receiving proper medical care due to higher costs and no financial means to cover the same. Even if you receive the necessary treatment, the medications are often incredibly expensive, and uninsured individuals tend to delay purchasing those drugs.

Preventative care also becomes difficult to access. Not having suitable coverage can keep you from utilizing many potentially free services. As any supplemental health insurance provider in Chesterton, Indiana will tell you, preventive healthcare is one of the most important ways to safeguard your health and finances. With these services, you are able to prevent minor issues from becoming a medical emergency. Being up-to-date with your routine checkups ultimately translates into reduced medical costs.

Finding an Affordable Health Insurance Plan

Healthcare isn’t cheap, and neither are health insurance plans. It’s very possible that you may qualify for subsidies. As always, your local supplemental health insurance agent in Chesterton, Indiana can help you find the right plan at the right price.

What Type of Health Insurance Should You Look Into?

Health coverage isn’t a luxury today. It is necessary to protect your physical, emotional, and financial health. Wondering how to get started?

For many seniors and seniors with disabilities, Medicare might be the best health insurance plan for your situation. While Medicare plans are sufficient, they don’t offer specific coverage, such as dental care or prescription drugs. Many seniors also opt for supplemental health insurance in Chesterton, Indiana to cover the costs that aren’t listed under their original plan. 

As we mentioned above, supplemental health insurance is designed to help seniors cope with unplanned medical expenses. It complements your primary health insurance plan and recoups costs arising from unforeseeable incidents. 

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